Commitment To Missions



HHPC helps support missionaries in Africa, France & Mongolia.

  • Bob & Barb James make trips to Ghana and Kenya to help with the needs of the people there and to equip pastors with tools for teaching and sharing the gospel.
  • Teach Beyond is involved in education around the world. Jeff and Veronique Kim live in France bringing Christ and education to the people.
  • AMONG Foundation is using television to bring Christ to Mongolia.


Contributing to Missionaries

  • Donate in the big bucket.
  • Mark “Missions” on your offering envelope or check.
  • Bill pay or online with a note for “Missions.”


Commitment To Orphans


What about feeding orphans in Kenya? We do that too, but it is a separate fund. We actually send $1300 per month to Kenyan Orphans and with that they are able to feed 60 children 3 meals a day including bread, vegetables, fish and meat.


Contributing to Feeding Orphans

  • Collect your change in the glass jars
  • Mark “Feeding Orphans” on your offering envelope or check.
  • Bill pay or online with a note for “Feeding Orphans.”


Sample Menu of the Orphans


Breakfast - Tea and brown bread, Scrambled egg
Lunch - Beef, ugali (corn, water, flour mix) and greens
Supper - mashed Potatoes with beans and soup


Breakfast: milk, tea and madazi (small fried pieces of dough)
Lunch: Beans and rice with stew with greens
Supper: small fish with ugali


Breakfast: tea and chapati – like flat bread – fried.
Lunch: Tomato soup, potatoes with rice greens, sukuma wiki (collard greens)
Supper: Meat and rice Cabbage, Mashed potatoes


Breakfast: Orange juice, tea and bread with peanut butter
Lunch: Beef and chapati with greens
Supper: Green beans with potatoes and chapati


Breakfast: Fresh fruit ,tea and samosa (fried bread with some filling of greens)
Lunch: Beef, beans and madazi
Supper: Beans vegetables and rice


Breakfast: Boiled egg, tea with madazi
Lunch:chapati with Beef plus greens
Supper: Ugali with meat and tomato source


Breakfast: tea and brown bread with blue band
Lunch: Vegetable rice and small fish,
Supper: Chapati and beans with potatoes